lab report guidelines - Lab Reports in general should...

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Lab Reports in general should include: 103M Matt Thrasher 9/28/03 Data All necessary data taken with clear organization uncertainty units You can use the data sheets included in the lab manual for this. Analysis Calculations For non-repetitve calculations, include: formula used with uncertainty propagation values inserted into formula (with no simplification) final answer For repetitive calculations, you may include only one sample calculation with all of the above. Graphs All necessary graphs should be made with the program stipulated in the manual, take up a full page each, and include: title axis labels (with units) data plotted clearly with error bars when it is asked for: analysis of graph (slope, y-intercept, etc.) Conclusion Brief summary 1) What you did. A few sentences about the procedure to give some context. 2) What physical phenomenon were you looking for? Example: “In this lab, we measured the diameter of a superball with a set of calipers. This introduced us to the correct technique for using calipers, estimating uncertainty, and calculating the mean and standard deviation. From varying the amount of force the calipers applied on the superball, we can determine the effective spring constant
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lab report guidelines - Lab Reports in general should...

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