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Karthik Patange September 3, 2007 Lab WebQuest Task #1 : Abstract : The abstract gives a one-paragraph summary of the experiment but does not provide any specific details. It summarizes five critical aspects of the report: the purpose of the experiment, a brief reference to its methodology, key findings, the significance, and major conclusions. It poses the question or problem that the study addresses. The abstract, therefore, shows the reader what to expect in the rest of the paper. Introduction : The introduction of a laboratory report describes the experiment. It explains the objectives of the experiment, the importance of the experiment, and any background information essential to understanding the study. The objectives should be stated in the introduction because they are usually analyzed in the conclusion to determine whether the experiment was a success. The background can include theoretical predictions for what the results should be. Information in the report and defined terms unknown to the scientific community are placed in the introduction. Review of Literature : A review of literature contains a preface to and rationale for engaging in primary research. It is required for grant and research proposals. Often, there is a chapter in theses and dissertations in this section. The purpose of a review of literature is to critically analyze a published body of knowledge such
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Lab WebQuest Tasks - Karthik Patange September 3 2007 Lab...

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