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Projectile Motion: Marble Experiment Introduction: This report discusses an experiment to study at which angle a fixed launch pad yields the maximum range. The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the concept of projectile motion by launching a marble from a launch pad made out of a ramp and a tube. The air resistance and the friction that took during the experiment are constant. We hypothesized that given the fixed distance launch pad, the angle which yields the maximum range of the projectile will be 32° (based on mathematical calculations; Calculations B3 in Appendix). The marble travelling in the horizontal direction is pulled by gravity; this makes the ball travel in a curved path (projectile motion) as it moves horizontally and moves towards the ground. The angle the ramp has with the tube was shifted several times to find the maximum distance. This report presents the procedures for the experiment, the experiment’s results, and an analysis of those results. Procedure: For this experiment, at least three people were needed: one person to drop the ball and two people to mark where the marble dropped (for better precision). A tube, several books, and a ramp were used to create the projectile motion apparatus. One marble was used to slide down from the top of the tube. A long sheet of white paper was used to see where the marble would land after the marble was dropped the tube. Markers of various colors were used to mark where the marble dropped on the white paper. Steps Taken: 1) A projectile apparatus was created with a tube, a ramp, and books ( Figure A ). The tube was raised and taped to a table and taped to the ramp so to decrease the movement of the tube. Books were used as objects to raise and lower the degree of the ramp relative to the ground; to measure the angle the ramp made to the ground, a protractor was used. Figure A: projectile motion apparatus
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Marble Lab Report - table Projectile Motion: Marble...

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