Quest-Angular Energy Questions

Quest-Angular Energy Questions - blink at 1,250 rps on a...

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Question #1: A mass, which slides on a smooth surface, as shown in the figure. The 0.17 m radius pulley rotates about a frictionless axle.The acceleration of s Your Answer: 0.087 kg *m^2 Question #2: The following apparatus can be used to find the speed of a bullet. From the angular displacement of the two bullet holes we can determine v , the speed of the bullet. In the following experiment, cm, rpm and . (a)The speed of the bullet, therefore would be, Answer: 223 m/s The same experiment could be used to determine the speed of light. A slit is placed in each disk offset by . Omega is adjusted to 1,250 revolutions per second and the distance between the two disks 100 m. If is correctly set, the the light would pass through both disks and cause it to
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Unformatted text preview: blink at 1,250 rps on a wall behind disk two. Otherwise, no light would pass beyond disk two. (b) What is the correct ? Answer: 0.150 degrees Question #3: The exterior surface of a spin wheel is accelerating by the formula a(t) = 1/(t+1) rad/s after 13 seconds? Your Answer: 8.5 rad/s Question #4: At t=0 seconds, a wheel rotating about a fixed axis at a constant angular acceleration has an angular velocity of 1 rad/s. Three seconds later it has turned through 6 complete revolutions. What is the angular acceleration of this wheel in rad/s Your Answer: 8 Question #5: A rigid rod of negligible mass lying along the y-axis connects three particles as shown. The system rotates about the x-axis with an angular speed of 3.20...
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Quest-Angular Energy Questions - blink at 1,250 rps on a...

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