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stats definitions - know who is receiving which treatment...

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outlier : an outlier in any graph of data is an ind. observation that falls outside the overall pattern of the graph simulation : the imitation of chance behavior, based on a model that accurately reflects the experiment under consideration. geometric setting : same as binomial except that there's no fixed number of trials, record until first success. discrete random variable : has a countable number of possible values. continuous random variable : takes all value in some interval of numbers. experiment : explanatory variable is directly changed and other influences on the response are controlled. correlation : a representation indicating whether the relationship is strong or not. If C=1 then it's very strong. blind : occurs when the subject or the response evaluators don't know which subjects are receiving different treatments such as placebos. double blind: neither subjects nor those evaluating their responses
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Unformatted text preview: know who is receiving which treatment observational studies : there’s no choice in regard to who goes into the treatment and control groups. regression line : best-fitting straight line that minimizes the sum of the squares of differences between observed values and the values predicted by the line. census : a complete enumeraiton of an entire population stratified random sample : population is divided into groups called strata and random samples of person from all strata are chosen. systematic sample : people selected using a system. ex. a person chosen for every five people pass by. convenience sample : based on choosing ind. who are easy to reach, are also suspect. ex. interviews at shopping malls tend to produce data highly unrepresentative of teh entire population often leading to undercoverage bias....
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