parser_AE - (define (parse sexp) (cond [(number? sexp) (num...

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#lang planet plai/plai ; define-type works like structure ; saying that (define-type AE ;defineing a type AE comes with three variation num add sub [num (n number?)] [add (lhs AE?) ;left hand side (rhs AE?)] [sub (lhs AE?) (rhs AE?)]) ;; parse : sexp -! AE ;; to convert s-expressions into AEs
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Unformatted text preview: (define (parse sexp) (cond [(number? sexp) (num sexp)] [(list? sexp) (case (first sexp) [ (+) (add (parse (second sexp)) (parse (third sexp)))] [ (-) (sub (parse (second sexp)) (parse (third sexp)))])]))...
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