bomblab - ECEn-CS 324 Bomb lab: Mastering IA32 and GDB 1...

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ECEn-CS 324 Bomb lab: Mastering IA32 and GDB 1 Introduction The nefarious Dr. Evil has planted a slew of “binary bombs” on our machines. A binary bomb is a program that consists of a sequence of phases. Each phase expects you to type a particular string on stdin . If you type the correct string, then the phase is defused and the bomb proceeds to the next phase. Otherwise, the bomb explodes by printing "BOOM!!!" and then terminating. The bomb is defused when every phase has been defused. There are too many bombs for us to deal with, so we are giving each group a bomb to defuse. Your mission, which you have no choice but to accept, is to defuse your bomb before the due date. Good luck, and welcome to the bomb squad! Step 1: Get Your Bomb Each group of students will attempt to defuse their own personalized bomb. Each bomb is a Linux binary executable file that has been compiled from a C program. To obtain your group’s bomb, one (and only one) of the group members should download the get script from the class website under the lab description. You may have to change the permissions on the script so that it is executable. To do that type linux> chmod +x get Run the script. It will ask you some questions and then download your team’s bomb into your home directory on the SPICE machines. Move the bomb.tar to a protected directory in which you plan to do your work. Then give the command: tar xvf bomb.tar . This will create a directory called ./bombk with the following files: README : Identifies the bomb and its owners. bomb : The executable binary bomb. bomb.c : Source file with the bomb’s main routine. 1
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If you change groups, request another bomb and we’ll sort out the duplicate assignments later on when we grade the lab. Also, if you make any kind of mistake requesting a bomb (such as typing the wrong group members), simply request another bomb. Step 2: Defuse Your Bomb Your job is to defuse the bomb. You can use many tools to help you with this; please look at the hints section for some tips and ideas. The best way is to use your favorite debugger to step through the disassembled binary. Each time your bomb explodes it notifies the staff, and you lose 1/4 point (up to a max of 10 points) in the
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bomblab - ECEn-CS 324 Bomb lab: Mastering IA32 and GDB 1...

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