3-3-08 - ▼❑HistoricalJesus"Christ of...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-3-08▼❑HistoricalJesus/"Christ of Faith"•❑biased history because accounts from people of faith, even differences in the gospels▼❑What Would Be Good For Truthful History•❑1) independent sources preferred for truthful history, no collusion, not to contradict each other•❑2) number of sources/dated close to him, avoid hearsay/legend•❑3) internally consistent/not biased to subject matter/reliability•❑4) unbiased texts•❑*able to compare/contrast sources▼❑Beyond the new testament•❑no impact on greco-roman ancient world•❑not mentioned by pagan (latin) writers in the 1st century, (non believers)▼❑1) 2nd century/pagan sources▼❑112 c.e., Pliny the younger, roman gov of bithanea, asked letter to emperor trojan( trajan) about punishing christians•❑mentions christians covered a range of ages•❑mentions jesus as a god/worshiped as a god•❑no use▼❑2) 115 c.e., suetonius, riots that happened in rome during reign of emperor claudius (41-54 c.e.)claudius (41-54 c....
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3-3-08 - ▼❑HistoricalJesus"Christ of...

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