ASST 104 Syllabus - RLST/ASST 104 Asian Mythology Fall 2009...

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RLST/ASST 104: Asian Mythology Fall 2009 Rini B. Mehta Email: [email protected] , Office Hours: 1:00-2:50 (Thursdays), 2021 FLB Course website: Teaching Assistants Gautam Basu Thakur [email protected] Sections: ADF, ADG, ADO Yueh-Mei Lin [email protected] Sections: ADH, ADL, ADR Manasi Mhasawade [email protected] Sections: ADJ, ADM, ADP Reshmi Mukherjee [email protected] Sections: ADI, ADK, ADN Joseph Swenson [email protected] Sections: ADA, ADB, ADQ Yu-shan You [email protected] Sections: ADE, ADE, ADV Steven Zusman [email protected] Sections: ADC, ADT, ATU Lecture Session: AL1 TR 9:00-9:50am, Foelinger Auditorium This introductory course is primarily oriented toward developing a basic understanding of the form, content, and function of Asian mythology. The area under focus is India; secondary emphasis is on China and Japan. The following themes, among others, are discussed in the context of the mythologies of the above countries: (a) philosophical/religious myths related to the origin of the world, time, immortality, the origin of the human race, heaven and hell, life and death, gods, destiny, etc., (b) myths pertaining to the social system(s) and moral/ethical values. From time to time, lecture sessions will include presentation of slides and films illustrating relevant mythological concepts. Texts:
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ASST 104 Syllabus - RLST/ASST 104 Asian Mythology Fall 2009...

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