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Asst paper - Asian Mythology Fall 2009 Term Paper...

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Asian Mythology: Fall 2009 Term Paper Guidelines for James Scholars and Everyone else 7-8 pages of writing 1” margin Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12 points 2 outside references (books, not online sources) All or most of the books in the bibliography of RP and SG are on reserve in the UG Library Do not use long Quotes Your Paper must have a title Avoid long descriptions. We have read the books and we remember the myths. We are looking for ‘your’ approach/understanding/analysis. Try the analytical approach; Get your work reviewed by the Writer’s Workshop, so that you don’t get points deducted for grammatical and stylistic errors. Base your paper on an argument; state your thesis in the opening paragraph (your TA will explain this; keep asking questions until you understand what an ‘argument’ or a ‘thesis’ is) Be aware of the rules related to plagiarism.
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