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Fall 2009 Practice Questions - Exam I Page 1 of 16 BA310 Practice Questions for Exam 1 These questions are similar to those you are likely to see on the exam. It should not be taken as a comprehensive indicator of topics that might appear on the exam. Please use the study guide as the best guide to potential question topics. ANNOTATED ANSWER KEY AT END. 1. Dana and Kevin were hired at the same time as managers for a large company. Kevin finds out a year later that Dana makes substantially more than he does for what appears to be the same job. According to equity theory, which of the following is NOT something Kevin would do: a. Decide to compare himself to someone else b. Ask for more money c. Increase his work effort d. Look for another job 2. Kay and Amanda are salespeople with a leading software firm. They both get awards for exceeding their quarterly sales target over the past year. They also receive the much sought after bonus and free vacation in Hawaii as a reward. Unlike Kay, Amanda says her outstanding performance was driven solely by a desire to get the free trip to Hawaii. Amanda's behavior can be best explained by _______________. a. Theory Y assumptions b. Intrinsic motivation c. Demotivation d. Extrinsic motivation 3. Teresa was late for work every day last week. Her supervisor wants to motivate her to stop this behavior. He says he will not reduce her paycheck (as the rules would normally require), but only IF she is on time for work for the rest of the month. According to reinforcement theory, what approach is her supervisor using when he offers not to reduce her paycheck? a. Extinction b. Punishment c. Negative Reinforcement d. Positive Reinforcement
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Fall 2009 Practice Questions - Exam I Page 2 of 16 4. A group of young CanGo employees was asked to develop a new Web page for the company's online gaming project. One of the group members, Gail, was willing to take the lead. Another group member, Whitney, was less confident in her own abilities. From the video it appears that they have high and low ____________ respectively. a. expectancy b. skill variety c. instrumentality d. valence 5. Angie is discouraged by the low productivity and motivation she sees in her employees. She tries to convince the employees that things will get better if they will work harder. In talking to employees, Angie suggests that she will get raises for the employees if they produce more. However, the employees are skeptical about whether Angie can actually get them raises if they do so. The employees' __________ is not very strong. a. equity b. instrumentality c. inequity d. expectancy 6. Daniel believes the average human being prefers to be directed and has relatively little ambition. Justin believes the average human being should work autonomously and finds work fulfilling. Daniel subscribes to ______, while Justin subscribes to _______. a. Theory Y of Motivation, Theory X of Motivation
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Part 1 practice questions - Fall 2009 Practice Questions -...

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