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3) deaths lived total people Vioxx 34 1,035 1,069 Placebo 12 1,066 1,078 10.94 total people 46 2,101 2,147 X 2 = The frequency of deaths in the Vioxx group is 34/1069= 3.2% and in the placebo group 12/1078= 1.1% Overall, 3.2% of individuals on Vioxx died whereas 1.1% of individuals on the placebo died. The difference in the frequencies of deaths is signifigant (P<5%) and in this case (P<<.oo1). There is
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Unformatted text preview: a .1 % chance or less that the differences in the frequencies is the result of sampling alone. We therefore can reject the null hypothesis here and can conclude that individuals on the Placebo have a lower portion of deaths then individuals on the Vioxx....
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