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GEOSC 210-01 EXERCISE #20 Page 1 of 1 Kate Stonesifer Read Chapter 15. 1. What are the approximate mass and radius of a white dwarf compared with those of the Sun? Mass is about the same but the radius is about 0.01 of that of the sun 2. How does a white dwarf form? When a low solar mass star like that of the sun nears the end of its life intense radiation strips off its outer layer leaving the core exposed hence white dwarf. 3. Can a white dwarf have a mass of 10 solar masses? Why? Yes because they are so densely packed but generally the mass will be stripped off by solar winds. 4. What is meant by degeneracy pressure? Due to the exclusion principal, the electrons build up pressure they named it this to distinguish it from ordinary gases. 5. What are the mass and radius of a typical neutron star compared with those of
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Unformatted text preview: the Sun? Radius of about 6 miles and it can be 1 to several times that of our sun, but no more than about 2 to 3 solar masses. 6. How do we observe neutron stars? By the astonishing fast pulse rate. 7. What is non-thermal radiation? Emission from a neutron star created by the accelerated charges of electrons 8. What is the Schwarzschild radius? The calculated size of a black hole Rs=2GM/c^2 9. What is Hawking radiation? Form of radiation emitted by black holes as a form of electromagnetic wave. 10. Some astronomers have suggested that cooled white dwarfs are made of diamond. Why might it be impractical to mine them? They are far away and dangerous. Also it may not stay diamond when we bring it back to earth....
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