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katie stonesifer S09 geosc210Exercise1

katie stonesifer S09 geosc210Exercise1 - GEOSC 210-01...

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Measuring clockwise around the circle. This is point X. X nce of a circle = Length of string to exactly loop the circle R D diameter D is the longest straight-line distance across a circle. It passes through the center. s the straightline distance from the center of the circle to the any point on the circle. GEOSC 210-01 EXERCISE #1 Page 1 of 4 Katie Stonesifer Please type your answers below the appropriate questions. Don’t worry that your answers make the number of pages expand. Save this to the DropBox as: Your Name S09 geosc210Exercise1.doc Keep a copy of everything that you do just in case something happens to the file. Make sure to do the work on page 2! Read the Preview, Overview One and Chapter One 1. What is the celestial sphere? A mythical sphere made of glass that surrounds the earth and contains all the stars in the night sky. 2. What is the zodiac? A narrow band in the night sky where the zodiac constellations lye.
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