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Katie StonesiferS09geosc210Exercise7

Katie StonesiferS09geosc210Exercise7 - GEOSC 210-01 Katie...

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GEOSC 210-01 EXERCISE #7 Page 1 of 1 Katie Stonesifer Read Chapter Five 1. Why is the Earth not perfectly round? Its inertia, the equator spins fastest so it budges there. Newton’s law of motion 2. What are some of the more common elements composing the Earth? Fe, Si, Al, Mg, Ca, Na, O, K, Ti 3. What causes the interior of the Earth to be hot? How hot is it? The earth was born hot, but the many small bodies that hit each other to form earth generated heat. The earth is 6500K and the heat is trapped by the outer layer rocks. 4. What is convection? State several examples of convection. The rising and sinking motions in a liquid or a gas that carry heat upward through the material. Oatmeal and heated soup on the stove. 5. What is the relation between rising and sinking material in the Earth’s interior and subduction and rifting? Subduction is the sinking of one crustal plate where it encounters another. Rifting is the breaking apart of a continental plate. The material under the plates is causing subduction and rifting.
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