ABSENT Katie Stonesifer, class work #6

ABSENT Katie Stonesifer, class work #6 - making the sky...

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Kate Stonesifer Class work #6 Why does the sunset appear red? Sunlight is scattered by particles of dust in the atmosphere this spreading occurs because different colors of light travel at different speeds in most materials. During the sunset, the distance that the light has to travel to the observer is also at its greatest. Therefore, a large amount of blue and violet light has been scattered. We then see mostly longer wavelengths
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Unformatted text preview: making the sky appear red. More importantly, blue particles of light scatter more than red particles of light so we are seeing the more direct beam of red coming toward us. The spread of this light caused by a bending in the colors is called dispersion. Refraction is responsible for the bending of light and spreads the light into its color components....
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