TIA4_5 Lab - S.Lohr InformationTechnologyforBusiness MIS101...

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S. Lohr Information Technology for Business MIS 101     Lab       (50 pts) Evaluate the Application and System Software on your home, work or class computer. **You will go to your home, work or class computer and complete the table below.  You  will open the Add/Remove Programs window and create a screenshot of the programs  to upload with this assignment.  XP :  Go to Start then Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.  Vista :  Go to Start Icon then Computer at top Uninstall or Change Programs. Question Answer/Details What is software? Two types, application is to do everyday tasks. System runs  the everyday task programs. What is productivity software? Allows you to create/do tasks like templates. List each type of productivity software  that is loaded onto your home  computer.  Please rate each  application based on  your  use of that  program. (Never, Sometimes, Always) Word- always Excel- never Database- never PowerPoint- always/sometimes What is Graphics and Multimedia  Software? Imaging, video, and audio that produce games, animations,  and movies. List each type of graphics/multimedia  software that is installed onto your  home computer. Please rate each  application based on  your  use of that  program. (Never, Sometimes, Always) Adobe Photoshop elements 5.0- sometimes Windows media player- sometimes What is Entertainment Software? Designee to provide users with chills, thrills, and fun like 
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2010 for the course MIS 101-03 taught by Professor Ms.smith during the Spring '09 term at Butler CCC.

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TIA4_5 Lab - S.Lohr InformationTechnologyforBusiness MIS101...

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