tia 1 review, e scribing

tia 1 review, e scribing - can automatically streamline...

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Katie Stonesifer MIS101-03 TIA Review 1 February 14, 2009 Margo Chaney E-Scripts The new technology that I found is called E-prescribing. This is an easier way to generate prescriptions through the use of e-prescribing software which then transfers the prescription directly to participating pharmacies. The most important purpose is to improve the patient’s safety. This method allows for elimination of hand-written words therefore reducing medication errors from illegibility. At the same time the system checks for adverse interactions that can occur from the patient’s other current medications. Also, this will reduce the amount of phone calls made to verify and clarify prescriptions between the doctor and pharmacy, and the system
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Unformatted text preview: can automatically streamline refills and authorization requests. This technology relates to my career because I am going to be a physicians assistant. Therefore, I will be the person writing many of my patients prescriptions. This will allow for me to feel at ease knowing the pharmacy doesnt have to worry about reading my hand writing. Also, I will be the person thats on the phone with the pharmacy for verification of prescriptions. With this method my time spent on that will be almost obsolete so I can focus more time on my main goal of my patients health. http://www.emrconsultant.com/emr eprescribing.php...
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tia 1 review, e scribing - can automatically streamline...

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