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EGM2511 Statics Spring 2010 Name: Sorting No: Show your work Box answers Free Body Diagram required for equilibrium problems Practice Exam Problem #2 1) Three ropes are attached to the post at A. The magnitude of the forces in the ropes are F 1 = 1.156 kN, F 2 = 75 lb, and F 3 = 60 lb. The (x,y,z) locations of points A, B and C are:
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Unformatted text preview: Point A (3 ft, 12 ft, 0) Point B (0, 0, 4 ft) Point C (0, 12 ft, 4 ft) a) Determine the resultant force vector R , where R is equivalent to the three forces shown. Express R in terms of vector components. b) Determine the coordinates of the point where the line of action of R intersects the yz-plane....
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