Assignment 2-1407 (Ch24-25)

Assignment 2-1407 (Ch24-25) - Biology 1407...

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1 A. adaptive radiation B. speciation 100% C. increased diversity D. branching E. more species 2 A. paleontological B. morphological C. ecological D. biological 100% E. phylogenetic 3 A. biological B. phylogenetic C. paleontological D. ecological E. morphological 100% 4 A. meiosis. 100% B. embryonic development. C. habitat selection. D. copulation. E. hybridization. 5 A. hybridization B. colonization of new habitats C. reproductive isolation from one another 100% D. convergent evolution E. geographic isolation from one another 6 Biology 1407 - Assignment -2 - (Ch24-25) Text Book : Campbell- BIOLOGY, 8th Edition, Dog breeders maintain the purity of breeds by keeping dogs of different breeds apart when they are fertile. This kind of isolation is most similar to which of the following reproductive isolating mechanisms? Autopolyploidy is a speciation process that begins with an event during Which example below will most likely guarantee that two closely related species will remain distinct biological species? What was the species concept used by Linnaeus? Which of the following applies to both anagenesis and cladogenesis? Which of the various species concepts identifies species based on the degree of genetic exchange between their gene pools?
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A. gametic isolation B. habitat isolation 100% C. reduced hybrid fertility D. hybrid breakdown E. mechanical isolation 7 1. E 100% 8 1. A 100% 9 A. owl wing and hornet wing B. Australian mole and North American mole C. bat forelimb and bird wing D. bat wing and human hand 100% E. porcupine quill and cactus spine 10 A. kingdom, phylum, order, class, family, genus, and species. B. phylum, family, class, order, kingdom, genus, and species. C. kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. 100% D. family, phylum, class, kingdom, order, species, and genus. 11 The correct sequence from the most to the least comprehensive of the taxonomic levels listed here is Males of one species sing only during rainy conditions; males of another species sing only when it is not raining. Which of the following pairs are homologous? B) gametic C) habitat D) temporal E) mechanical The questions below are based on the following description: Several closely related frog species of the genus Rana can be found in the forests of the southeastern United States. The species boundaries are maintained by reproductive barriers. In each case, match the various descriptions of frogs below with the appropriate reproductive barrier listed. Options may be
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Assignment 2-1407 (Ch24-25) - Biology 1407...

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