2-11-08 - Synoptic Problem"literary genre"...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-11-08 Synoptic Problem "literary genre" according to...mark, matthew, luke, john literary-historical method redaction criticism editor sources involved in writing/literary process of writing Noncanonical gospel of thomas, peter, hebrews Matthew/Luke used gospel of Mark as a source mark, matt, luke, john canonized in 4th (in 397 CE?) century by the council of carthage Synoptic Gospels Mark, Matthew, Luke b/c same material, same story, same sequence, words "sing together"...synoptic synoptic problem problems with dates, authorship, and place of origin "four source hypothesis" Mark - 1st gospel (65-70 ce) used by matthew and luke unknown author Papias modern day turkey (heiropolis) 60-135 ce, bishop of heiropolis, writes that john mark is the author, traveling companion of apostle Paul "Q" Source = Quelle "meaning source" (30-65 ce), postulated that a collection of sayings w/o christiological or theological agenda material common in matthew and luke, but not mark 90% mark in matthew, 50% mark in luke "M" Source - own independent sources Mark = Priority influenced by christology of paul, son of god better greek = matt and luke koine greek'/common used by greek/roman empire "lingua franca "L" Source - Source of luke that only he had Gospel of Luke "Greco-Roman Biography of Jesus" Anonymous / Greek Speaking Gentile Written outside of Palestine 80-85 CE attributes to luke around 2nd century, traveling companion of Paul col 4:14, philemon 24, w tim 4:11 leaves out jewish interest of Mark "skull" vs "golgotha" genealogy back to adam (b/c of gentile audience) mark back to david/abraham ...
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2-11-08 - Synoptic Problem"literary genre"...

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