Osmosis Lab Report F09

Osmosis Lab Report F09 - Biology 301 Fall 2009 Name:...

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Biology 301 Name: Hee-Yun Cha Fall 2009 Section: 0011 Lab 4 Data Discussion This worksheet is to be completed following your laboratory experiment conducted in week four. It is worth 10 points total. Providing the answers to these questions will comprise an abbreviated formal lab report. It is imperative that at all times you use your own words and work independently . Your answers may be hand written on these pages, or you may create similar pages with your word processor. Remember to write legibly ! You may write on the back of these pages if necessary. This assignment is due at the beginning of your lab section the week of Lab 6 (Sept. 28- Oct. 2) . The penalty for late papers is 2 points per day, including Saturday and Sunday. Introduction (1 point) 1. In paragraph form, explain the concepts of osmosis, isotonicity, hypertonicity, and hypotonicity. Include how hypertonic and hypotonic solutions affect both plant and animal cells. (Hint: your answer should include descriptions of crenation, plasmolysis, hemolysis, and cell swelling.) In this context, what is the purpose of this experiment? Osmosis is diffusion of water through semi-permeable membrane. Water diffuses from an area of high water potential which contains low solute concentration to an area of low water potential which contains high solute concentration. An isotonic solution contains an equal solute concentration inside and outside of the membrane. A hypertonic solution contains a greater concentration of solutes than
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Osmosis Lab Report F09 - Biology 301 Fall 2009 Name:...

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