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There were many factors that aided the Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 were that of great importance to the case. The first was simply that the African American community was tired of not having equal rights. The lack of social, educational, employment and other opportunities in the American society were unfair and many of the African Americans were tired of it. Many felt as if they were being treated unfairly and no one was one their side. Brown v. Board of Education was an opening for many more opportunities for equal rights to be processed. This act was just an opening point for all Americans, especially for the
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Unformatted text preview: African American populations. Today the case of Brown v. Board of Education still affects schools among many other things. Equality is just as important for one race and gender as it is for all races and genders. The importance of education is so vital for everyone including every race and gender, the disabled, the homeless and anyone in between. Part of what makes us Americans is the fact that no matter who we are, what race we are, or what religion we practice we all have the right to equal rights....
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