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DQ2 - excited about it It doesn’t define me however it...

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My chart tells me that first and foremost I am a female I chose 30% to represent it. I am proud of to be female and wouldn't have it any other way and I consider myself to be a strong individual. Second I chose was being a full-time student, and I chose 25% to represent that. My education right now for me is number one. I love being a student. Thirdly is where I live. I live in Mississippi, although I know it’s not what defines me, it is where I live and what causes me to do the things I choose to do. I chose 10% to represent that. Forth, I chose 10% to represent my divorce. I am recently divorced and actually pretty
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Unformatted text preview: excited about it. It doesn’t define me; however it has a lot to do with what I have been through. Fifth, is my socioeconomic class, I chose 10% to represent that, as of right now I am unemployed, however with school and the things I have to do at home its rather hard to keep all of it going at once. As for my age, religion and race, I chose 5% to represent each one of those. I don’t believe that there is a number, or a color that defines who we are. As for religion, I do have my beliefs; however it doesn’t consume my life at the moment....
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