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Axia College Material Appendix F Impact Matrix Assignment Directions: Assume that you are on the school board of your school district and you are tasked with the job of strategic planning for issues facing your district. Complete the matrix below to determine the potential response of each of the religious groups in your community. Use the attached links to research the basic moral and ethical principles believed by each group. Then determine how you believe each group will react to the issue based on what you find. Provide a brief justification for your answer. After completing the matrix, write a 300- to 500-word summary of the significant similarities and differences among the different religious groups.
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Many of the religions that I looked into had similarities. Most of them believed in some sort of higher power, except for the Atheist. The Atheist do not believe in any sort of religious beliefs and are different than all of the other religions I read about. I think one of the biggest similarities would have to be the Women’s Rights in the Middle East. Out of the 13 religions, there were only 2 of them believe to be against equal rights. The majority of the religions believed that the women should have equal rights or should be treated as equals. Some religions believed in this more than others, for instance the Sikh and the Taoist believe that there is no task specifically for men. Therefore everyone is considered to be equals in these religions. The biggest opposite would have had to be between the beliefs of Creationism v. Evolution and the starting a gay and lesbian support group. For Creationism v. Evolution, 11 of the 13 were for creationism. There were 11 out of 13 groups that were against gay and lesbian support groups.
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