Checkpoint Sexual Harassment Scenario

Checkpoint Sexual Harassment Scenario - situation for the...

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1. Is this incident simply a schoolboy prank, or is this sexual harassment? A. I do feel that even though the male students that are performing these actions only see it as harmless pranks, there should still be precautions and repercussions to these actions. So yes, I do see the actions as a form of sexual harassment. 2. Should the boys involved be punished? If so, what should the punishment be? A. I do believe that there should be some form of punishment, something that would fit the pranks guidelines such as maybe a couple days of detention and a letter to the girls apologizing to them for what he did. 3. Should this incident be limited to the class, or should the principal and parents be notified? A. I think that anything that could be crossed over as a type of sexual harassment should be reported to someone just in case of later issues. 4. Should Ms. Reid turn the incident into a learning
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Unformatted text preview: situation for the entire class? Is she does so, how should she do it? What can the class learn from the incident? A. I think this would make a great learning situation for the class and even the school. To create an assembly with all of the students from each grade level and have a speaker present the issues with students crossing other student’s personal boundaries. This could be explained in many different ways and students could be asked how they would feel if something similar was to happen to them. This could be ended with a writing assignment for each student to work on. The students would be able to learn self respect as well as learning that people have boundaries and you cannot do whatever you please to everyone just because you may think it’s funny. To have students realize that other people have feelings as well....
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Checkpoint Sexual Harassment Scenario - situation for the...

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