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CheckPoint Personal Statement - believe that my family has...

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My ethnicity just as well as others does influence my life, my personal behaviors, my attitude and my values to a certain extent. I know that as a human being I am no different than the other billions of people that live among this planet, however, just because I chose to do certain things certain ways that is what makes me different. I was raised Catholic and this for many people is the very staple that they choose to live by, I don’t. I choose to live my life representing the values and morals that I have set aside for myself to follow. My family’s beliefs have helped me become the person I have become as of today. I do believe that I choose different methods but the idea has always been the same. My background has laid down a base line for me to become myself. I know that where I come from has a lot to do with the way I talk, walk and even speak to people. My feelings towards how to act with outside people, anyone other than my family is different and I believe this is because of my upbringing. I do
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Unformatted text preview: believe that my family has passed on my attitude of I know I can do more. My entire family is strong willed people and I can say that I am so thankful of that. As far as my personal behavior, I know just as well as anyone else, if I was to be raised as a child in a different environment or different home I would be a completely different person. I know myself as of today and I dont know if I could handle being completely different. I believe in fate, and that God gives you the roads to walk out on. You just have to choose which one to take. As part of my belief I also believe that there is no turning back from mistakes that you can only move forward and try to adjust yourself to anything that you many not want in your life. This is something that my parents have always taught me. Never regret anything you do, just try to make the best out of it and always learn from your mistakes. That is something I live by and something that has made me the person I am today....
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CheckPoint Personal Statement - believe that my family has...

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