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CheckPoint Differences in Socieconomic Status

CheckPoint Differences in Socieconomic Status - 1 I see...

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1. I see that there is a lack of guidelines for the students to follow. When organizing a school function it only seems right that there be strict guidelines for the students to follow. This does include proper attire. The students are renting tuxedos and coming to a middle school dance over dressed. This has the chance of affecting some of the other students. The schools should post a dress code that is acceptable for all students. 2. There is a lack of parental involvement in the schools activities. Schools and parents need to work together to know what is going on between home and school with the students. Either with permission slips that include detailed information about the schools activities. Parents aren’t asking questions about what the proper attire should be. Parents should be more aware as to what is going on with their children and keep in touch with school officials. Parents need to be informed from the schools as well as make sure they make a point to ask questions and see what is proper for their students to appear dressed in.
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