CheckPoint - the children of these families who are the...

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Check Point: Legal and Ethical Issues Confronting the Education of English Language Learners. To this matter there are two sides, a pro side and a con side. The people who feel this issue should be addressed on the pro side feel as if there should be government funding for the people who are living in the United States. This would mean for the students and the families of the students they would be able to have the benefits that are needed, not to mention the counseling needed to adapt to living in the United States. Most of the immigrants that are moving to the United States aren’t able to speak the English language very well. This often leads to issues with finding a home, proper care for the children, and even issues with job security. If there were some sort of organization that was able to supply help and the needed knowledge for these families to better adapt them to the United States it would be a huge benefit to the people. It is too often
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Unformatted text preview: the children of these families who are the only ones that speak partial English and have to interpret back and forth for the families. This makes it hard for everyone. Not everyone is so eager to provide help for the immigrants that are coming to the United States. Many of the people believe that if they are coming into this country they should have all the means necessary to be able to properly provide for themselves and for their children without having to ask for help from anyone else. The people who feel as if this should be the case are the people who are stopping the families that are in need from receiving the help they deserve. Not only is this leaving the parents and a child without the resources, but this is also hurting the future adults of the United States. References:
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CheckPoint - the children of these families who are the...

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