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Instructions to a student should be given at the level of the student's understanding. The purpose of instruction is to move a student from one level of comprehension and application to a higher level, as measured by the appropriate assessments. If we don't know where a student started, we won't know if we were successful in improving comprehension and application. Something frequently forgotten is cultural differences. Some students may not have been introduced to the same things that most American children are introduced to. Having language challenges makes the job of relaying instructions so much harder. Students who are having a hard time understanding the language will definitely have a hard time with understanding any instructions. One huge job and obstacle as a teacher is to break through that
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Unformatted text preview: barrier and make sure that the students are able to understand what you are trying to teach them. This can be done but changing around some of the teaching methods that are being used. For instance, the addition of flash cards will relay the picture with the word that is associated. Another way to improve students language skills is one on one help with the students. This may be hard for some teachers to do, but I also see the other students being able to assist with this. By breaking down the students into small groups or pairs it will be easier for the students to feel comfortable opening up to the other students. The main thing here is that students who have any sort of difficulty with the language need time and patience....
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