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DQ2 - the amount of students dropping out In the district...

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In the classroom having many different languages can be hard not only for the teachers but for the students as well. Some of the issues could be as common as communication issues, all the way to other students teasing or taunting the students for being different. In the school, students may feel alone or like they should be ashamed of whom they are. This can lead students to feeling as if they shouldn’t be in school. This can lead to an elevation in
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Unformatted text preview: the amount of students dropping out. In the district, there are more issues that can affect the students. For some of the schools that are not properly equipped to have the numerous students that speak different languages, the schools are forces to either combine the students to one classroom or to turn them away. This makes the students feel unwanted and this could cause them to have either behavioral or discipline issues....
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