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Capstone Question Week 9 - will be able to relate to in...

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The first thing I would do if I was looking for books for my class to read is do my research. Find out from the students as well as the parents what they are permitting the students to read and to make sure that the books are within regards to the student’s religious or cultural beliefs. There are several web sites that promote bias free reading material and this would be a good start. I would also read the book myself in order to take a full assessment of the content of the book. This is necessary not only to be able to help the students with the book but also for discussion and assignment purposes. The books I would be looking for will have material that the students all can relate to no matter what background or culture they come from. The criterion that I will be looking for is something obviously suitable to the student’s ages and something that each student
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Unformatted text preview: will be able to relate to in some way. Providing a list of books for the parents to approve will also allow me to know that what I am choosing is appropriate for the students. I personally will try to choose books that are completely free of any bias materials in order to provide a safe environment for my students. However, this may not always be so easy for me to do. In these cases I will bias material that is based off of true events and events that no longer take place in today’s society. This way the students will be able to know that this really did happen at some point in history, however it was not right therefore this is why it no longer goes on. Providing the proper reading material that is bias free for my students will be a task, however this is something I feel very strongly that I will be able to accomplish....
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