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bio100r1_appendix_d - the amount of algae in the tank You...

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Axia College Material Appendix D The Scientific Method Chart Scientific Method New Question Explanation Results Testing Hypothesis Observation & Questioning Formulate a question to explain the observation. Test the hypothesis by conducting an experiment. Make an if-then statement to predict the solution and its outcome. Results DO NOT support the hypothesis Results support the hypothesis An excess of algae is forming in the aquarium ecosystem. What is causing this? If there were more fish in the aquarium, then they would clean up the algae. Add two more fish to the ecosystem. There was no difference in
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Unformatted text preview: the amount of algae in the tank. You must reject the hypothesis. Maybe the tank needs less plants, not more fish. Form a new hypothesis and continue through the test and evaluation of results. State an explanation that addresses your question. Algae in the tank has been significantly reduced. You accept the hypothesis. Conclusion often leads to new questions The freshwater aquarium ecosystem did not have enough fish in it to keep the ecosystem clean. Is there the right amount of plants and fish in the aquarium to sustain the ecosystem over time? BIO 100...
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