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The chromosomal disorder I chose is Down Syndrome. Most of the children born with Down Syndrome have some sort of mental retardation in the mild to moderate range. With early intervention and special education, many learn to read and write and participate in diverse childhood activities. To inherit this disorder, each parent has to have one copy of the disordered chromosome. The child then inherits one set of chromosomes from each parent. Of the 23 chromosomes the first set comes from their mother and a second set from their father. When an extra chromosome is inherited, Down Syndrome is the resulting disorder. If I was a parent of a child with this disorder there would be so many questions. I would go to every doctor to find the
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Unformatted text preview: answers to all of my questions. I think the biggest question would have to be, is there a way to get my child better. To find this answer and some relief, I would contact the best doctors and spet I could find. I have only had personal experiences with children with Down Syndrome while I was working at a day care center. I have so much respect for them. They unfortunately have a mental disorder; however they always have a smile on their faces. I think we all can learn something from that. References: The March of Dimes, (2009) Chromosomal Abnormalities Retrieved July 8, 2009, From http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/4439_1209.asp...
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