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Axia College Material Appendix Q PopEcoLab Report Full Name Tammy Gladish Date 8/02/09 Use this document to report your findings from the PopEcoLab Exploration Experiment. The lab report consists of three sections: Data, Exploration, and Lab Summary. Data : copy any data, graphs, charts, or notes that you have saved in your PopEcoLab online notebook into this section. Exploration : Answer the questions. The questions in the Exploration section are the same questions in your PopEcoLab instructions. Lab Summary : Write a 100- to 200-word summary. Data To copy your data from your online notebook into this section, click on Export Data and then copy and paste your data into this section. You must disable your pop-up blocker before exporting. Identify each set of data with a title. Exploration Answer the following questions in fewer than 100 words: Activity 1: Carrying Capacity 1. What did you observe for the carrying capacity of each species?
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Unformatted text preview: Activity 2: Increased Insect Consumption of Brown Sparrow 1. What happened to the density of the two sparrows? 2. What is the point at which one of the two species goes extinct? Activity 3: Increased Insect Consumption of Blue Sparrow 1. What happened to the density of the two sparrows? Is that what you expected? Explain your results. Activity 4: Increased Insect Consumption of Both Sparrows 1. What happens as you increase the amount of competition between the two species of sparrows? Explain these results. BIO 100 Lab Summary Address the following points in a 100-to 200-word summary: • Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab. • Explain how this lab helped you better understand the topics and concepts addressed this week. • Describe what you found challenging about this lab. • Describe what you found interesting about this lab. BIO 100...
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bio100r1_appendix_q - Activity 2 Increased Insect...

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