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DQ1 - technology in the wrong person’s hands has always...

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Medical and legal biotechnology presents several ethical issues, but one could say the benefits far outweigh any risks. Two ways that biotechnology can be helpful are, for one the ability to create new pharmaceutical products that in return will help society to either fight or cure illness or disease. The second would be to create new tests, machines or devices that help resolve issues and find answers to medical problems. With new machines the ability to have more tests are there. Two ways that biotechnology can be harmful are, for one
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Unformatted text preview: technology in the wrong person’s hands has always held a threat. There are some companies that are creating medical machines, supplies or medications that are not being fully tested and this can cause very big issues. The second would be not having enough funding for the right reasons. This is something that so many government funded companies struggle with on a daily basis. Reference: Pruitt, N. L., Underwood, L. S. (2006). Bioinquiry: Making connections in biology (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc....
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