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I feel that as people we all have a responsibility to preserve regions that are facing human encroachment. A major problem leading towards endangerment and extinction of many species from the smallest insects to the largest mammals is destruction of their habitat to make room for more and more of us. We crowd many species giving other species no place to live, eat, and raise their young. Some are forced to become accustomed to humans just to find food. As building continues, destruction of entire ecological systems occurs. There is no consideration given to the species that live there as building continues Understandably certain things that can damage the environment can help the economy, such as drilling for oil. However, it is not east to balance every being's interest. I believe that if we continue to destroy the environment then we
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Unformatted text preview: will all suffer; not just animals and their habitat. We should consider the long term effects of every choice made and only do necessary damage when there is no other choice. Many people take a global approach to large ecosystems, because the earth is owned by everybody and the destruction of the rainforest is the destruction of an ecosystem that is a global regulator. Organizations purchase parcels of the rainforest for the price that the government would get by logging it. Thus the government gets money and the land is saved. I feel that everyone has the right to their opinion and trying to help. Alternatives need to be presented outside of U.S. borders because people deserve jobs, and the land needs protection....
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