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Research Methodology – Sample Paper 2010 Research Methodology The main objective of this study is to develop a model to predict the impact of reusability on estimation of software development effort. There are already a countable number of estimation models that are developed particularly for the estimation of software development effort. However, this study suggests a not-so-common blend of COCOMO and Fuzzy Logic to cover the grey areas of effort estimation. The Research methodology, in this study, consists of the following steps Derivation of the new Metric set including the metrics for reusability Extending COCOMO II to include this new metric set Fuzzification of the new metric set JRUSE Metric Set - Derivation of New Metrics Our initial aim is to construct a metric set based on clear measurement goals. Metric Set Definition Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) is used as a goal oriented measure definition approach to ensure that the metric selection or definition effort, the validation effort and the subsequent measurement effort all contribute to the achievement of a well-defined goal. It is based on the assumption that for any project goals must first specified, then the project must trace those goals to the data that are intended to define those goals operationally (Basilli and Weiss, 1984). Metric Definition Methodology The sole purpose of the metric definition is to define the goals of the procedure, formulated from the problem to be solved. A template for goal definition, based on the famous GQM paradigm, is used to capture the goals of the experiment. The template is as follows: “Analyze <Object(s) of study> for the purpose of <Purpose> with respect to their <Quality focus> from the point of view of the <Perspective> in the context of <Context>.” (Fenton and Pfleeger, 1996). In this study Object of study Reusability Purpose To create a new metric set
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Research Methodology – Sample Paper 2010 Quality focus Metric set must be validated and normalized. Perspective Software Development Effort Context Corporate Environment The resulting measurement model is derived in three levels: Conceptual Level: At conceptual level, a goal is defined with respect to various models of quality, from various points of view, relative to a particular environment. Operational Level: At operational level, a set of questions is used to characterize the way the assessment of a specific goal is going to be performed. Quantitative Level: At quantitative level, a set of data is associated with every question in order to answer it in a quantitative way. The data can be objective or subjective. The GQM Process A GQM model is developed by identifying a set of goals. Based on those goals and models of the object of measurement, some questions are derived that define those goals as completely as possible. In the last step, metrics are specified that need to be collected in answer to the defined questions. GQM models need always refinement and adaptation to new ideas, therefore the measures we define must help us in evaluating not only the object of
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sample-thesis - Research Methodology Sample Paper Research...

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