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midterm 2008 - VERSION 1 ENVR 201-001 Society and...

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1 ENVR 201-001 Name: _____________________________ Society and Environment Fall 2008 Student # ___________________________ Mid-Term Exam # 1 Please answer all multiple choice questions ON THE COMPUTER FORM PROVIDED and answer the short essay questions ON THIS EXAM PAPER. The blank sides of the last two sheets are provided for the purpose of answering the short essay questions. Please hand in both the computer form and the examination paper at the end of the examination period. MAKE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR NAME AND STUDENT # ON EACH SHEET OF THIS EXAM AND THE COMPUTER FORM. ALSO, FILL IN THE EXAM VERSION # ON THE COMPUTER FORM. COMPUTER FORMS WITHOUT YOUR NAME, STUDENT # OR EXAM VERSION # WILL NOT BE GRADED. Grading Scheme Each of the twelve multiple choice questions is worth 3.5 points. Each of the two short essay questions you are required to answer is worth 29 points. *************** Part One: Multiple Choice Select the best response to each of the following questions, on the computer form provided. 1) Which of the following statements about population is TRUE? a) Populations stop growing when the replacement rate has been reached. b) The death rate in urban areas is typically lower than in rural areas. c) Reducing infant mortality rates would help slow down population growth. d) b) and c) e) The male-to-female ratio in the Canadian population is greater than 1.0, because women outlive men on average. 2 ) A country’s population will likely double in 25 years, based on its current population growth rate. Its current annual population growth rate is: a) 6 % b) 5 % c) 4 % d) 0.4 % e) None of the above. 3 ) A population pyramid with a narrow base most likely suggests that the population: a) is young and has considerable potential for future growth. b ) is mature and will likely grow slowly. c) is young but stable. d) is mature, and growing rapidly.
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midterm 2008 - VERSION 1 ENVR 201-001 Society and...

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