Definitions - P arasitoid Parasite that kills i ts host...

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Parasitoid Parasite that kills its host Superparasitism Occurence of more parasitoids within a host than can complete their development within the host Multiparasitism Parasitization of a host by two or more parasites or parasitoids Virion Infective unit of the baculovirus. Composed of nucleic acid surrounded by protein coat called capsid, around the capsid is an envelope which completes the virion infective unit. Polyhedral inclusion body Found in viruses, contain the virions (virus particles). Formulation The components and proportions of additional substances that accompany an insecticide when prepared for application -endotoxin δ Proteins found in crystal. Type of protoxin that must be activated by midgut proteases before they can interact with gut epithelium and disrupt its integrity. Exuviae old cuticle that the insect sheds Epizootic of a disease, when epidemic (there is an unusually high number of cases and/or deaths) Crystal
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The proteinaceous inclusion contained in a spore formed by Bt. Source of the toxins that cause most larval death. Appressorium swelling formed on the cuticle of insects when fungus gets closer to intersegmental membrane. Purpose is to glue the fungus to the cuticle. Cry gene At least 4 classes of crystal coding genes in Bt. Based on their genomic sequence differences as well as their activity spectrum Secondary infection
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Definitions - P arasitoid Parasite that kills i ts host...

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