1-31-08 - ▼❑Social and Economic Apsects▼❑a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-31-08▼❑Social and Economic Apsects▼❑a multi-lingual world▼❑4 languages▼❑hebrew•❑religiois services•❑jewish schools▼❑aramaic•❑common language of most jews•❑used in some scared lit•❑jesus's language▼❑greek / koine greek•❑universal language ("alexander the great")•❑many dialects; post prev, Koine Greek•❑NT was written in Koine Greek▼❑latin•❑used by roman soldiers▼❑Household structures•❑different organization of household structures•❑awareness of difference important when reading Paul's Letters or Acts of apostles on "House Churches"▼❑Agriculture▼❑mainstay of economy throughout roman empire•❑also in Palestine and especially in Galilee▼❑Beginning of Merchant and artisan class•❑beginning of urban culture opposed to agricultural culture▼❑Growing gap b/t Rural and Urban Populations•❑rural: less educated and more conservative•❑urban: more diverse and open to new ideas▼❑Social Class in Roman Empire...
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1-31-08 - ▼❑Social and Economic Apsects▼❑a...

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