10-chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Felis domestica Muscular System...

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Chapter 7: Felis domestica Muscular System Purpose Identify external anatomy of both Felis and Squalus Become familiar with the muscular system of vertebrates through the dissection of Felis . Understand the interplay between the skeletal system and the muscular system using Felis . Identify key muscles and their functions. YOU ONLY NEED TO KNOW THE MUSCLES AND ASSOCIATED FUNCTIONS THAT ARE LISTED ON THE TABLE AT THE END OF THIS HANDOUT. Introduction Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat -Muscular System chapter Ch. 7 Supplement- Fig. 7-1 Dogfish shark external anatomy Our understanding of the muscular system of vertebrates will be based on a careful group dissection of Felis catus . Each group will work with a male, female, or a pregnant female cat. Regardless of which sex you work with, each person will be responsible for knowing the associated structures for each sex. It is important to understand that structures such as muscles vary in both shape and size on an individual basis. These differences can arise through differences in the development, genotype, or environmental experiences of each individual. Every student should take time each week to observe the various structures in cats from other groups. These cats will be the ones that you will be tested on so it is to your advantage to be familiar with each cat. You will be responsible for identifying individual muscles and their actions. You are responsible for all muscles that are listed at the end of this handout. You are not responsible for those muscles that do not appear in the list. Dissection notes are detailed in the Muscular System chapter in Mammalian Anatomy-The Cat . Read this chapter carefully before class. However, your TA’s instructions will differ somewhat and supersede those of the book. Please note that your instructor will provide detailed instructions on how to skin the cat, and that we DO NOT USE SCALPELS to skin the cat in this lab. The Muscular System chapter details all the muscles of Felis and their associated actions . It also details the origin and insertion points for the muscles. Whereas knowing this information will help you identify and determine the actions of muscles, you are not required to know origin and insertion points. External Anatomy Before skinning the cat, you must first observe its external anatomy. You should be able to identify the anatomy seen in Fig. 2-3 pg. 39 of Mammalian Anatomy-The Cat . Specifically, you are required to identify: Pinna Manus External nares Nictitating membrane Vibrissae Pes Tail
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Muscle divisions : Muscles are divided into groups based on the patterns of nerves that innervate them. These patterns indicate common evolutionary origins. These groups thus provide a useful
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10-chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Felis domestica Muscular System...

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