47 the general assembly item 47 of the provisional

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Unformatted text preview: to 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. the General Assembly. Item 47 of the provisional agenda: Towards global partnerships. New York, United Nations 2003. Chetley A: A healthy business. World health and pharmaceutical industry London and New Jersey: Zed Books; 1990. Hardon A: Consumers versus producers: power play behind the scenes. In Drugs policy in developing countries Edited by: Kanji N, Hardon A, Harnmeijer JW, Mamdani M, Walt G. London and New Jersey: Zed Books; 1992:48-64. Kopp C: WHO industry partnership on the hot seat. BMJ 2000, 321:958. Hayes L: Industry's growing influence at the WHO. Global Policy Forum, UN reform Archives [ 0223who.htm]. 15 December 2001 Muraskin W: The last years of the CVI and the birth of the GAVI. In Public-private partnerships for public health Edited by: Reich MR. Cambridge, Massachusetts; Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies; 2002:115-68. Phillips M: 'Infectious-disease fund stalls amid U.S. rules for disbursal',. Wall Street Journal . August 5, 2002 Stansfield SK, Harper M, Lamb G, Lob-Levyt J: Innovative financing of international public goods for health. CMH working paper series WG2:22. Commission on Macroeconomics and Health 2002 [http://]. IMF: Public-private partnerships. 2004 []. Publish with Bio Med Central and every scientist can read your work free of charge "BioMed Central will be the most significant development for disseminating the results of biomedical researc h in our lifetime." Sir Paul Nurse, Cancer Research UK Your research papers will be: available free of charge to the entire biomedical community peer reviewed and published immediately upon acceptance cited in PubMed and archived on PubMed Central yours — you keep the copyright Submit your manuscript here: BioMedcentral Page 5 of 5 (page number not for citation purposes)...
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