6 september 2001 united nations general assembly

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Unformatted text preview: y-General A/56/326 . 6 September 2001 United Nations General Assembly: United Nations Millennium Declaration. Resolution A/RES/55/2 . 18 September 2000 Horton R: WHO's mandate: a damaging reinterpretation is taking place. Lancet 2002, 360:960-1. UNIFEM: Pathway to gender equality: CEDAW, Beijing and the MDGs []. The World Health Organization: The World Report. Better knowledge for health. Strengthening health systems. Geneva 2004. Millennium Project: Investing in development. A practical plan to achieve the millennium development goals. New York 2005. Commission on Macroeconomics and Health: Macroeconomics and Health: investing in health for economic development Geneva: World Health Organization; 2001. Yach D, Hawkes C, Gould CL, Hofman KJ: The global burden of chronic diseases. JAMA 2004, 21:2616-22. USAID: Total population, health and nutrition funding, FY 2002. [ ing/index.html]. World Health Organization: World Health Report 2002. Reducing risks, promoting healthy life. Geneva 2002. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Global Health Programme fact sheet. [ Info/GlobalHealthFactSheet-021201.htm]. Varmus H, Klausner R, Zerhouni E, Acharya T, Daar AS, Singer PA: Public Health. Grand Challenges in global health. Science 2003, 302:398-9. Grimes S: From population control to "reproductive rights": ideological influences in population policy. Third World Q 1998, 19:375-93. National Security Council: National Security Memorandum 200. Washington, D.C 1974. U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development: Security, democracy, prosperity. Strategic plan fiscal years 2004– 2009 2003 []. Hardon A: Immunization for all? A critical look at the first GAVI partners meeting. HAI-Lights 2000, 6(1):2-9. Yamey G: WHO in 2002. Faltering steps towards partnerships. BMJ 2002, 325:1236-1240. Poore P: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). Health Policy Plann 2004, 19:52-53. Brugha R, Walt G: A global health fund: a leap of faith. BMJ 2001, 323:152-4. GAVI Financing task force: Bridging the funding gap: toward a solution. GAVI BOard meeting [ resources/ 13th_brd_Bridge_Funding_Board_presentation_DRAFT_july_5th.ppt ]. 7 July, 2004 Starling M, Brugha R, Walt G: New products into old systems. The global alliance for vaccines and immunizations (GAVI) from a country perspective. Save the children London 2002. United Nations: Co-operation between the United Nations and all relevant partners, in particular the private sector. Report of the Secretary-General...
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