THEORY CULTURE A - Theory Culture Society http/ Global Assemblages Stephen J Collier Theory Culture Society 2006 23 399 DOI

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Theory, Culture & Society DOI: 10.1177/026327640602300269 2006; 23; 399 Theory Culture Society Stephen J. Collier Global Assemblages The online version of this article can be found at: Published by: On behalf of: The TCS Centre, Nottingham Trent University can be found at: Theory, Culture & Society Additional services and information for Email Alerts: Subscriptions: Reprints: Permissions: Citations at UNIV OF FLORIDA Smathers Libraries on January 7, 2010 Downloaded from
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Problematizing Global Knowledge – Genealogies of the Global/Globalizations 399 References Bello, Walden (2002) Deglobalization: Ideas for a New Economy . London: Zed Books. Buey, Francisco Fernandez (2005) Guía para una globalización alternativa . Barcelona: Ediciones b. Fisher, William and Thomas Ponniah (eds) (2003) Another World is Possible: Popular Alternatives to Globalization at the World Social Forum. London: Zed Books. Houtart, François and François Polet (eds) (2001) The Other Davos: The Globalization of Resistance to the World Economic System . London: Zed Books. Patomäki, Heikki and Teivo Teivainen (2005) A Possible World: Democratic Transformation of Global Institutions . London: Zed Books. Santos, Boaventura de Sousa (2005) O Forum Social Mundial: Manual de Uso . São Paulo: Cortez/Porto: Afrontamento. Sen, Jai, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar and Peter Waterman (eds) (2004) World Social Forum: Challenging Empires . New Delhi: The Viveka Foundation. Boaventura de Sousa Santos is Professor of Sociology at the School of Economics, Coimbra University, and distinguished legal scholar at the Law School, University of Wisconsin- Madison. He is the author of many books published in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. His most recent books in English include Toward a New Legal Common Sense (Butterworths, 2002), Democratizing Democracy (Verso, 2005), The Rise of The Global Left: The World Social Forum and Beyond (Zed Books, forthcoming) and, as editor with César Rodríguez-Garavito, Law and Globalization from Below: Towards a Cosmopolitan Legality (Cambridge University Press, 2005). Global Assemblages Stephen J. Collier M ax Weber began his 1920 ‘Prefatory Remarks’ to the Collected Essays in the Sociology of Religion with a famous and provocative claim: The child of modern European civilization will inevitably and justifiably approach problems of universal history from the following stand- point: What chain of circumstances led to the appearance in the West, and only in the West, of cultural phenomena which – or so at least we like to think – came to have universal significance and validity. (2002: xxviii) A series of illustrations follows: developments in
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THEORY CULTURE A - Theory Culture Society http/ Global Assemblages Stephen J Collier Theory Culture Society 2006 23 399 DOI

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