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a 7 - 4 To tighten a bolt you push with a force of 80 N at...

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PHYSICS 309K, FALL 2004 HOMEWORK #7, Due Monday 11/01/04 1. Consider a bicycle that has wheels with a circumference of 2 m. What is the linear speed of the bicycle when the wheels rotate at 1 revolution per second. 2. Neglect the weight of the meterstick and consider only the two weights hanging from its ends. One is a 1-kg weight the other is a 3-kg weight, as shown. Where is the center of mass of this system (the point of balance)? How does your answer relate to torque? 1 3 3. A 10,000 N vehicle is stalled one-quarter the way across the bridge. Calculate the additional reaction forces that are supplied at the supports on both ends of the bridge.
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Unformatted text preview: ? ? 4. To tighten a bolt, you push with a force of 80 N at the end of a wrench handle that is 0.25 m from the axis of the bolt. (a) What torque are you exerting? (b) If you move your hand inward to be only 0.10 m from the bolt, what force do you have to exert to achieve the same torque? (c) Do your answers depend on the direction of your push relative to the direction of the wrench handle? 5. How much greater is the angular momentum of the Earth orbiting about the sun than the moon orbiting about the Earth? (Set up a ratio of angular momenta using data on the inside back cover of the book.)...
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