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PHYSICS 309K, FALL 2004 HOMEWORK #9, Due Friday 11/19/04 1. The starship Enterprise, passing the Earth at 80% of the speed of light, sends a drone ship forward at half the speed of light relative to the Enterprise. What is the drone’s speed relative to the Earth? 2. A passenger on an interplanetary express bus traveling at v = 0 . 99 c takes a five-minute catnap by his watch. How long does the nap last from your vantage point on a fixed planet? 3. Assume that rocket taxis of the future move about the solar system at half the speed of light. For a one-hour trip as measured by a clock in the taxi, a driver is paid 10
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Unformatted text preview: stellars. The taxi drivers union demands that pay be based on Earth time instead of taxi time. If their demand is met, what will be the new pay for the same trip? 4. The fractional change of mass to energy in a ssion re-actor is about 0.1%, or 1 part in a thousand. For each kilogram of uranium that undergoes ssion, how much energy is released? If energy costs three cents per megajoule, how much is this energy worth in dollars?...
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