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Computer Networks Jan. 2010 Opnet Project Release Version (Final) Project Steps 1) Install opnet IT guru on your PC a. Register the installed program by following the instructions. For the institute L Cairo University For the instructor L Khaled Fouad Elsayed Provide your own e-mail address b. PC’s without Internet access can still register by following the procedure provided in the Opnet package. c. The registration provides you access for 6 months. 2) Read the file Lab0_Introduction.pdf and follow the instructions to get familiar with the package. 3) Read the file Lab01_Ethernet.pdf and prepare your report as described in the file. 4) Read the material about OSPF (ospf.ppt, ospf-overview.pdf, ospf-intro.pdf) to know more about OSPF. You can also get more information from any other reliable source about OSPF to
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Unformatted text preview: do your work. Then read the file Lab07_OSPF.pdf and answer the questions. 5) Prepare your report on both Ethernet and OSPF as a hard copy and send a soft copy to ([email protected]) . The report should be in MS-WORD doc format for office 2003 (.doc not .docx) which can be prepared by MS-WORD, openoffice, abi-word. 6) Work should be done by a group of 2 or 3 students maximum. 7) Softcopies will be examined by an automatic system. Replicate reports will be detected and will be examined by the instructor. A grade of zero or lower will be given to students copying each other’s work. Deadline is 1 st day of classes of the second term. Good luck, Dr. Khaled Fouad Elsayed...
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