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History 1377: The US to 1877 Dr. Buzzanco Exam I Review Sheet Part I: Identification Terms (40 points) Eight of these terms will appear on the test. You will need to address four of them, answering who/what, when, where, why it is historically significant. Each will be worth 10 points, for a total of 40 points for the whole section. A good id will be more than a sentence. You should write at least 4-5 sentences on each id. However, more than a page is too much! Use information from the reader where applicable. Thomas Morton Paxton Boys Bacon’s Rebellion Salutary Neglect Anne Hutchinson Regulators Indentured Servants Predestination John Winthrop Stamp Act Roger Williams Virtual Representation Mercantilism Massachusetts Bay Colony Jamestown Salem Witch Trials Seven Years War/French and Indian War Boston Massacre Benjamin Franklin Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts Jonathon Edwards Stamp Act New Lights/Old Lights Navigation Acts* Bartolomeo de las Casas* Tecumseh* Pequots* Enlightenment Hispaniola* Nat Turner
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