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OutSide Reading - Gonzalez 1 Ramon A Gonzalez Jr Dr Sukalo...

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Ramon A. Gonzalez Jr. Dr. Sukalo AP English Literature and Composition 18 December 2007 Heart of Darkness : Independent Reading Analysis I. Book Basics A. Heart of Darkness B. Joseph Conrad C. 110 Pages/ 110 completed D. Main Characters 1. Marlow: Protagonist of the novel. He is very intelligent in the sense that he analyzes everyone around him. He goes to Africa to sail a steamboat, but comes across more than he expected. Marlow is a typical European in the sense that he shares many of his fellow Europeans’ prejudices. 2. Kurtz: The chief of the Inner Station. The audience starts to see that he has very good leadership skills. He becomes Marlow’s focus for the journey. In the book, the audience sees that Kurtz has become a victim of colonization, because he was taken from his people, and was forced to abandon his customs, and now does not recognize them. 3. General Manager: Chief agent of the Company in its African territory. He is also a power hungry, greedy man that seeks power and money. He hides these flaws with a façade of civilized manners. 4. Narrator: The narrator is an unnamed traveler aboard the Thames ship. He provides a structure for Marlow’s story. He is also a stand in for audience perspective and participation. E. Fiction- 1. The protagonist in this novel is definitely Marlow. He is travelling to the Congo and encounters much more than he was expecting. 2. The antagonist in this novel is the manager. He is a power hungry man that makes up the lie that Kurtz has fallen ill. He is the reason that Marlow has to wait longer for his steamship to be fixed. G. Setting Gonzalez 1
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1. This piece takes place in the later part of the nineteenth century, probably sometime between 1876 and 1892. A. T HAMES R IVER - Opens on the Thames River outside London, where Marlow is telling the story that makes up Heart of Darkness. B. Belgium - Events of the story take place in Brussels, at the Company’s offices, and in the Congo, then a Belgian territory. II. Plot: A. Marlow is a man that came to the Congo to meet a man named Kurtz who is a reputable man of many talents. Marlow takes a job with the Company, which is a Belgian-based company concerned with trade in the Congo. As Marlow goes
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OutSide Reading - Gonzalez 1 Ramon A Gonzalez Jr Dr Sukalo...

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